We're a group of educators, sportspeople, business leaders, and explorers. Our passion is to democratise the skills that help people lead successful lives and careers.


In 2016 several of us got together and realised we shared a Robin Hood ideal. The fourth industrial revolution is underway, bringing a massive shift in the job market driven by automation.

Employers and educators alike know that ‘soft’ skills (which aren’t so soft at all) and having a clearly defined plan and the goals to get there are the keys to success. Communication, self-awareness, resilience, and project work develops learners and drives careers, static knowledge is becoming obsolete. Having the right plan in place is essential to happiness and success. Report after report identifies the challenge: but where are the learning opportunities?  

High-end coaching and core skills development is a feature of the modern professional landscape. But it’s often only available to people who’ve already made it. Further back, much further, when young minds are being shaped and character built, is where lives can truly change. And any country that takes a lead in early-stage core skills development will have a huge advantage on the world stage.

Young people and second chance learners need every advantage that 21st century learning can offer. Rote skills and old routines won’t cut it. Rich digital experiences, focused on building a pathway and the core skills needed for success, can.

Why should open minds meet closed doors? Let’s rip the doors off, we said to ourselves. Let’s provide learning for the future, for everyone.

 So we decided to do just that.


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