Our Team

Our team of experts come from the education sector, high performance sport, business and life coaching. The essential life skills, mental skills and techniques that have made our people so successful are the foundation stones of everything we build at Minded.

Come and meet the team!

Irene van Dyk.jpg

Irene van Dyk

Minded Ambassador

"I love being part of Minded, it's something new and the way it combines people, digital learning, and assessment is quite unique. The focus on young people and the way they communicate has always been something I'm passionate about.

Areas like communication and understanding yourself are key to our young people being happy and successful in sport, their careers and in life." 

Grant Elliott.jpg

Grant Elliott

Business Development

"Now that I'm in the latter part of my career I get a lot of satisfaction from mentoring younger players. Minded gives me the opportunity to help people reach their potential and understand themselves. With great aspirations and ambitious goals we are all able to approach life with motivation and purpose. Minded is the vehicle through which I can help reach aspiring young people and give them the tools to achieve their dreams."

Shayne Hodge.jpg

Shayne Hodge

Founder, Business Development

"If you do what you love, the rest will follow."

Lyn Hodge.jpg

Lyn Hodge

Founder, Research and Development

Nothing escapes Lyn's expert research eye.

Geoff Fisher.jpg

Geoff Fisher

Founder, Business Development

Geoff is a start up veteran and expert at making honey.

Mana Forbes.jpg

Mana Forbes

Business Development

Mana's passion is education, he's the learning guru behind Pathway Minded.

Andrew Ellis.png

Andrew Ellis

South Island Sales Manager

Well respected on the cricket pitch, Andrew is now our sales person extraordinaire for the South Island.

Mat Wollerman.jpg

Mat Wollerman

Head of Marketing & Product

Mat looks after marketing and the development team.

Gina Wollerman.jpg

Gina Wollerman

Chief Operating Officer

Gina keeps Minded humming.

Aidan Kyre-Smith.jpg

Aidan Kyrke-Smith

Head of Courseware Development

Aidan is the mastermind behind our course content and a former New Zealand waterpolo international.

Mischa Saunders.jpg

Mischa Saunders

Lead Developer

Building apps and taking names!

Greg Kan.png

Greg Kan

Full stack Developer

His code is poetry.


Joe Van Bohemen


Coding like a pro already.

Giles Brown.jpg

Giles Brown

Content Architect

Giles is an expert at planning the way forward.

Jason Hodge.jpg

Jason Hodge

Research and Development

Jase brings energy and great ideas.

Christie van Dyk.jpg

Christie van Dyk

Sports Coach and Content Specialist

Christie is a coaching legend and loves his fishing.