We create digital learning experiences that give young people the critical skills and tools they need to be successful at work and in life.


What we're about

Our mission is to ensure every young person has the skills and a plan for success.

We’re passionate about ensuring young people have access to the tools and critical skill they need to be successful in life.

We work with education providers, government and corporate sponsors to support young people and second chance learners. We give people the tools they need to be successful, find their passion and choose their pathway in life.


How we help

Our cutting edge online learning gives young people insights into their strengths and how they think. It provides guidance and learning to develop both mind and body as part of an individually tailored pathway plan for achieving their goals and aspirations.

We then continue to teach the personal and interpersonal skills to prepare for the workforce - helping young people become better communicators, stronger team members and more engaged employees.

Lifelong learning

We create digital learning experiences that teach the critical skills and capabilities needed to be successful in all aspects of life.

A new approach

We’re passionate about learning and shaking up education so it works for everyone.

We began working with the Minded tools in 2016 with our staff and teachers on the premise that all the big people on site need to role model what we expect of our students. The impact on teaching and learning styles and environments; communication; and interpersonal relationships has been nothing less than transformative.
— Rangimarie Parata Takurua - Chairperson, Te Pā o Rākaihautū

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